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TSErotica Password August 22, 2014

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Clint met Daphne – a superb chocolate coloured creature from TSErotica.com – in a Spanish restaurant in San Francisco. She had a strange kind of beauty that made her look even more womanish than a woman… When Clint invited her to his place, he soon found out why his conquest’s beauty was so mysteriously captivating and bewitching. The lovely woman with sensuous lips and gorgeous tits was in fact a boy – but only between the belly-button and knees! Some men become rather reluctant upon making such a sudden, surprise discovery – having taken a girl home only to have it revealed that she had a set of male “equipment”! But Clint reacted differently. As though under a spell he started to caress Daphne’s superb body… It was a TSErotica novel, very thrilling situation!

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Even Casanova himself – who wrote thousands of pages about TS Erotica sexual experiences in his famous mémoires – had never encountered such a situation in the course of his very varied love life. He had probably tried just about everything else, except love with a transexual – and he was probably turning in his grave with jealousy! Clint’s “normal” girlfriend – the one with a real pussy – never suspected that he had a transexual affair going. Unaware of Daphne’s existense, she accepted all Clint’s excuses, when he had to invent a reason for going to meet his bizarre new TSErotica.com mistress…

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Clint’s legitimate lover was a very straight TSErotica type, who would never have understood how her “decent” lover could enjoy such a strange relationship. But in tact, Daphne was a woman, thought like one and looked like one. Or as she said herselt: “I’m a female trapped in a man’s body!” Of course, she was only referring to her cock, as the rest of her looked quite undeniably feminine in all respects! If Clint had ever told any of his friends that he was making it with a ‘‘she-male, they would have certainly accused him of being “queer” or a “fruit-cake”, whereas in fact, transexual love has nothing to do with raw homosexuality! The French call homosexuals “The Third Sex” – whereas transexuals could be described as the “Fourth Sex! When Clint took Daphne’s clothes off for the very first time, he was just as turned on as he would have been, anticipating fucking a lovely woman, but when he found a TS Erotica prick where a cunt ought to be, his thrill was doubled!

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Clint even wanted to fellate him/her. And the strangest TSErotica thing was that he didn’t even consider for a second that he was with another man… Daphne was so feminine he felt she was a girl! Many girls have a bag full of special tricks they can do when they’ve got a prick in their cunts. And Daphne knew just as many that he/she could perform with his/her rectum, which was just like a “misplaced” vagina! Clint could feel Daphne’s arse contract spasmodically around his rod. It was so tight that he felt as though his prick was being strangled in the most delightful way! Even Clint’s regular girlfriend couldn’t have given him so much pleasure with her arse – if she’d allowed him to fuck her there! – and he often told TS Erotica that she shouldn’t regret not having a cunny …

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Because his/her back passage was just as good – if not better than a real TS Erotica vagina! So good, that he’d even begun to consider he’d be better off forming a permanent relationship with his enchanting transexual lover! One of Daphne’s favourite sexual practises was to swallow as much spunk as she could. Knowing this, Clint never ejaculated in her arsehole, and always ejaculated into her mouth instead. Daphne thought his come was delicious and always drank it as though it was the elexir of TSErotica life …

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There are a lot of TSErotica.com women who simply adore showing themselves off in the nude. And there are a lot of men who love to look at them – naturally! Swanee – as she’s nicknamed – is a lovely New York transexual who thinks it’s great to exhibit his/her naked body, because he/she feels just like a female. “The boys at school used to call me a sissy because they thought I behaved like a girl…!” Swanee admits as she poses. “And I can’t say that I blame them!” TS Erotica continues. “But I never took it as an insult!”.

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